Francis E. Mott Hall of Fame
Francis E. Mott Hall of Fame


Greatness assumes many shapes and forms, like subtle colors blending into a deep blue hue but, in any form, greatness separates the legends from the mere mortals in the arena of sport.

Proficiency and skill can be honed by practice and dedication, however, the really outstanding athletes, the Hall of Famers, come to the arena with greatness already programmed into their personalities.

The purpose of the Softball Hall of Fame is to honor and give recognition to those men and women who have played so brilliantly and completed so well during their careers and, while doing so, have also contributed to the development and growth of the sport. The history of sports has been graced by the occasional appearance of an athlete who seems to have been touched by a magical hand, whose extraordinary skills have been embellished by an intangible spark of greatness.

An athlete who seems destined to leave an indelible mark on his or her chosen avocation. Such as the men and women who will be enshrined in the Francis Mott New York State ASA Hall of Fame.


Hall of Fame Members



Bill Butler
Gary Gladding
Mark Lazzaro
Rocky Marucci
Wayne Remond
Jim Spohr
Dennis Williams


Walter "Gil" Bastian*
George Boyer
George Burgin*
Pat Mineo
Louis Plagesse

Theodore Rodrick
Andy Yazwinski

John Fitzsimmons
Richard Germiller
Jose Lopez
Craig McKenna
Richard McNear
Richard Passante
James/Maurice Roche
Bruce Wittman
Kathleen Zifchock


William Bosch
Michael Kusmuk
Robert Soricelli
Donald "Dudley" Walsh


Photo Album


Jan Fetterly
Greg Hamilton
Hardy Marx

Dave Staples


Sylvester "Blackie" Dorazio
Robert Farrell
Thomas Katcher
William Plummer III
George Snyder


Jack Barker
Arthur Chetney
Mike Eggleston
Steve Foland
Richard Johnson
Vincent Savona


Richie Hoffman
Hazelton "Moe" Kerr
Jim Partigianoni*
Augustine "Augie" Passante
Harry Sanford


Steve "Bo" Aurigemma*
Ray Houck
Rocco Veronesi
Gary Williams


Edward "Mr. Ed" Charles
Robert "Dubby" Herman


Everette "Skip" Boise
Carolyn "Chappell" Gancarz
Lee Fetterly
Bruce Goyette
Robert "Lippy" Millard*
Robert Rathbun


Phil Argento
Robert "Downtown" Bobby Brown
John M. Masco


Clem "Cappy" Caprara*
Ed Crane
Art Held
Del Leween
Bill Stewart


Joe Costine*
Al Crisci
Gerry DeFiglio
Henry "Hank" Hess*
Beverly Valachovic


Don Gallo
Floyd "Sal" Lashomb
Joe Morien
George "Toppy" Morresco*
Al Taurisano
Anthony "Whitey" Zovistoski


Adolph "Didey" Clavio*
Dan Craver
William Doxsey
Leo Love
Robert McKenna
Harold "Ozzie" McSweeney


Bernard Berman*
John Dumah
Levi Horton*
Ed Key**
Ted Petrillo
Nick Vasenelli
Angelo "Butch" Veronesi
Madeline (Giancola) Wells


Nick "Blackie" Calcagino*
Thomas "Chick" Chiavelli
Jack "Monk" Curtin
Pat Durante*
Joseph Molinaro


Fred Blum*
Tom Castle*
Vincent Caserto
Joe Dardano*
Carl Gaffney
Harold "Shifty" Gears
Francis Mott*
Clifford Ong

Fred Schneider